7 Reasons To Avoid The Supermarket For Your Specialty Tea

November 08, 2018

7 Reasons To Avoid The Supermarket For Your Specialty Tea

The delightful world of tea is as interesting and diverse as coffee. If you enjoy coffee, you wouldn’t reach for an instant sachet, so the path for luxury tea should be no different than the path for high-end coffee. Yet, when someone says ‘specialty tea,’ do you really know what they mean? With coffee, it’s the norm to pick up a bag from the local roastery, but with tea it often means a trip to the supermarket, whose specialty tea selection might not be so special after all.
A specialty tea is a high-grade or high-quality blend of tea. These tend to be organic teas - hand processed or single estate origins - that you wouldn’t commonly find in your supermarket. As more Australians are turning to a cuppa, it’s driving up the demand up for higher-quality, bespoke tea. And while supermarkets have come a long way from the stock-standard Tetley and Lipton bulk boxes, tea drinkers should understand the importance of buying quality, sustainable products that will warm both your heart and soul.
For the love of tea, we recommend you to shop at a tea speciality store over a large chain store. For most people in the industry, tea is our passion and we’ve spent many years cultivating a variety of beautiful herbal and organic teas from around the world, as well as a deep understanding when it comes to choosing the best tea bags or leaves for your needs. When you opt for convenience over expertise, you’re losing a wealth of information that could lead you to your perfect cup.
There’s a common misconception that luxury tea will cost you an arm and a leg, or that an online tea supplier will upsell their brand because it’s ‘premium.’ This deters tea drinkers from exploring the wonderful world of loose leaf tea, as they believe it’s very expensive over the price of standard tea bags and tin blends. However, when you break it down, in many cases, quality tea is better for your wallet in the long run.
With premium quality, whole leaf tea from a speciality provider, you’re opening the door to multiple blends and multi-brews over single use, supermarket bought tea bags. Although you’ll pay more upfront than your average tea bags, quality loose leaf tea will last longer. The small leaf tea found in tea bags are great for single cups as they release their flavours quickly. Whereas with speciality blends, less is needed to unlock the fragrant aromas and flavours necessary for one or more soothing cups.

Premium teas have a depth of character that can often be difficult to describe. Much like sommeliers are with wine, true tea connoisseurs can taste the different infusions within a blend. But even day-to-day tea drinkers should notice the difference between store-bought and specialty. Depending on which materials are used, it can really distort the taste of your tea. Many standard tea bags are filled with tea dust and fannings, which are very small pieces of the leaf and stem. This can ruin the shelf life of your tea and may make it taste stale and bitter.
Most of a tea’s greatest aspects are stored in its leaves and buds, not the stems. Because you pay for tea by the gram, you’re getting less leaf for your money in some mass-produced blends, and it could be lessening the impact your tea is having when you sit down for a brew. As well, some supermarket blends contain artificial ingredients, colours and additives which add a sour note to what could’ve been a wholesome, organic tea experience. Even if it’s labelled as a luxury tea, do your research, there could be a more suitable option out there. As far as value goes, most bespoke tea suppliers in Australia provide options for inexpensive, everyday drinking tea as well as stock the rare, pricier blends.

There is so much selection when you look past the shelves. We don’t want you to miss out on indulging in some of the worlds most exotic, delicious and exciting flavours of tea, from rich black tea to refreshing herbal tea, white tea and green tea. Whether you’re drawn to enticing notes of floral, citrus, spice or even hints of chocolate, specialty online tea stockists will have a perfect recommendation for you from their lovingly curated collection.
Sustainably Sourced
Rather than buying from tea factories, when you opt for premium tea, you’re choosing farmers and suppliers who focus more love and effort into growing and processing off-the-beaten-track teas. What makes these teas special? Many specialty suppliers go the extra mile to ensure that the teas they’re selling are all natural and sustainably sourced, acknowledging the hard work of the farmers. The time, patience and knowledge that is put into the process ensures that your luxury tea gets the attention it deserves. Every stage has been thought out from the physical act of growing, to the way it’s packaged and delivered to you. You won’t get that level of love straight off the shelf.
Support Local
There is nothing that a freshly brewed cup of tea can’t do for your mind, body and soul. And when you shop local, your soul can rest a little easier knowing your speciality supplier has taken those extra steps to imbue each cup with love. Stay away from self-checkouts and choose the human element instead.

At Allegra & Grace, our passion for tea truly knows no bounds and we are proud to go above and beyond to make every tea lover’s experience with us just as warm, soothing and comforting as a steaming cup of tea. We have a large variety of organic, Australian made teas. We take the time to search far and wide to source new and beautiful teas to add to our stunning collection in our tea concept store. Get in touch with our team if you have any questions about quality loose leaf tea or any of our beautiful herbal and organic tea blends.


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