Explore Allegra & Grace's Gorgeous Collection Of Enchanting Teas

July 27, 2018 1 Comment

Explore Allegra & Grace's Gorgeous Collection Of Enchanting Teas

Filled with warm thoughts, comfort, peace and uplifting notes of floral, citrus, spice, even hints of chocolate and many more enticing aromas – there is nothing that a steaming hot cup of tea can’t do.

Those precious moments of self care are so important, when we can finally put our feet up after a long day, relax, clear our minds and let the day’s worries slip away. Maybe even take up a book and try out those new super soft fluffy white slippers during the winter months and let our pets snuggle up in our laps as we wait for the jug to boil and the tea to brew.

It’s nothing short of pure bliss when you can finally wrap your hands around that hot cup of tea, breathe in the soft and delicate scents and slip into the lap of luxury as you take that first soothing sip.

Tea seeps into the very core of your soul, warms your heart and soothes your mood, mind and body. With the power to breathe new life into your day and calm your fears, it’s the perfect addition to your daily relaxation ritual.

Immersing yourself, body, mind and soul into the wonderful world of tea as you embark on your sensory journey is one of the best feelings in the world. Whether you’re just after something to warm you up, soothe your mood or vend off bad ones, there are plenty of new and fresh teabags and tealeaves just waiting to be discovered every day.

From rich black tea, refreshing green tea, delicious white tea to organic tea, there is something to get every tea lover’s taste buds tingling. Do you like milk and sugar in your tea or do you drink it plain? The choice is yours and yours alone. You deserve those perfect moments of bliss without the world on your shoulders, with nothing to worry about but you and a cup of tea.

It’s easy to create your own perfect mindful tea ritual to suit your current mood or even choose your own mood. At Allegra & Grace we stock a gorgeous featured collection of enchanting teas to suit any mindset and an array of tea accessories.  

Refresh & Uplift

  • If you’re looking for an energising, uplifting and refreshing tea to sip on at the end of a long hard day at work, then the teas in our ‘Refresh & Uplift’ category would make a highly suitable pick-me-up. Just sit back with a good book, relax, recharge and repeat.

Floral & Fruity

  • Lovers of all things ‘Floral & Fruity’ will enjoy the delightful scents and summer sonnets these teas have to offer. Perfect for those moments when you want to take in the sights and sounds of the world around you and enjoy everything life has to offer.

Pure & Calm

  • Leave your worries behind and calm your mind with our ‘Pure & Calm’ teas. This collection has calming and soothing herbal tisanes and teas that are of a single origin. Many people deal with stress and anxiety in their daily lives and you owe it to yourself to practice self-care when these moments arise.

Sweet Cravings

  • Tea lovers with a sweet tooth will go crazy for their ‘Sweet Cravings’. With hints of chocolate, wild orange, peppermint and even macadamia, these teas are perfect for those moments when you want to reward yourself without feeling guilty.

Warm & Spicy

  • Add a bit of spice to your life and get that warm and cosy feeling back with one of our ‘Warm & Spicy’ teas. For those times when you’re feeling a bit out-of-sorts and need a bit of a pick-me-up or even a sensual surprise.

Tea Accessories & Mind Rituals

  • If you’re looking for that perfect accessory to go with your new tea blend, we have beautiful teacups, tea bowls and other accessories to complement your tea ritual under ‘Tea Accessories & Mind Rituals.’

Create your own perfect tea ritual and mindset with our featured collection.

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September 21, 2018

You have summed up perfectly why tea drinking is a wonderful act of mindfulness and taking a moment for yourself to recharge in this chaotic world we live in! Thank you for reminding us all x

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