Tea Of The Month: Organics for Lily Green Blossom

October 03, 2018

Tea Of The Month: Organics for Lily Green Blossom


Tea Name
Month October

The most transitional month of the year, the Spring Equinox is finally in its full exodus when the Australian spring has genuinely sprung: unlike September, October sees our seasonal fruits and vegetables in full flight and farms in its full cycle of produce with the birth of baby animals.
With a comfortable climate heading to warmer weather and longer days of sunshine, the evenings are still quite cool, presenting an ideal time for light comfort foods that focus on crispy crunching textures while bursting with fresh flavours. Smoked, slow-cooked or bbq’d lamb and roasted seasonal vegetables feature on tables jazzed up by sauces, citruses and spices alongside crisp salads. With the oncoming of summer, it’s about looking to keep things light and refreshing to cast off the shackles - and body reserves - of winter.
The intoxicating but subtle aromas and soft delicate flavours of Green Blossom is an ideal tea during October. Consider it a springtime favourite for a light refreshment all year round, and a great diuretic to detoxify and cleanse the body while also promoting a sense of wellbeing.


An antioxidant superpower
Region Handmade in Melbourne
Steeping Time 2 - 3 minutes


Blossoms open only at night so are best plucked in the morning when the petals are closed to secure the freshness and taste. As blossoms, they retain moisture from the flowers while adding visual appeal to the tea

Final Blend

Organic jasmine, chamomile, lavender, rose petals, cinnamon and cornflowers featured as tiny tightly closed petals 






Explosions of green-brown shades from fresh green tea buds
Intoxicating but subtle aromas


Clean, soft and delicate flavour as an invigorating take on the traditional green tea

Best Enjoyed

Especially pleasant between meals and in the early parts of evening. Best 45 minutes before or after meals and not during, nor on an empty stomach





Helps and protects the body to function well
Cleansing and detoxifying and loaded with antioxidants
Anti fungal, anti-Inflammatory, anti-viral, antibiotic and antiseptic properties
Boosts immunity
Promotes sense of wellbeing, calm and focus



Reap the full benefits of green tea beyond the cup with these tips while keeping in mind that a little green tea goes a long way.
• Spike with lemon juice and add a sprig of fresh mint for a tangy, minty zing
• Stir in ice cubes with ginger ale to taste for a perfect pick me up
• Use as a naturally sweet glaze or tea-fermented sauce: thicken the liquid with honey, salt and pepper. Pour over mushrooms, tofu and beef to soak then cook to
• Use to in place of water to steam chicken for a distinctive aroma and flavour
• Submerge whole pears or apples, add brown sugar, honey and spices for a sweeter taste. Allow the mixture to simmer until fruit is tender, for a smoky but delicate green tea flavour. 

Create your own mindful ritual this October with Organics for Lily Green Blossom.

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