Art Of The Brew

At Allegra & Grace, we believe there is a subtle art form involved in making a delicious cup of tea. While it certainly isn’t a complex process, there are factors to consider when brewing tea to bring out all the wonders and taste that comes from a simple tea leaf.

How to make a delicious cup of tea? 

We have put together a helpful guide with important tips and tricks for first-timers to ensure a sensory experience with every sip. While each person’s preferences differ, these pointers will set you on the right track to discovering which teas suit your own tastes.

Tea Cup

One of our favourite things about tea is drinking it from a beautiful cup. We find it really adds to the overall indulgence of the experience. Choose your favourite, whether it’s brightly coloured, delicately patterned, made from glass or ceramic ~ the choice is yours! In time, you may even find yourself wanting to grow your collection of eclectic tea cups to suit your personal style and match your mood at different times of the day.


When selecting a teapot right for you, make sure that it comes with an infuser basket that is big enough for the leaves to break down. If it is too small the tea won’t have space to properly brew. For a quality cup, your tea leaves will need plenty of room to steep.


The quality of the water you infuse with is crucial in getting the right taste. In most locations in Australia, good quality water is found straight from the tap. Boiling the water in a kettle or pot will then further eliminate any trace substances that may have come into contact with the water while in the pipes. If you’re unsure of your water quality, filtered water is a great alternative.


At Allegra & Grace, we recommend storing your loose leaf tea in a sealed, airtight jar or tin. Tea should always be kept away from heat, light, moisture and strong odours, as it has the potential to absorb moisture and kitchen cooking smells. Incorrect storage of your tea can potentially alter the taste and may cause it to taste flavourless and flat. To keep your tea tasting delicious, always keep it somewhere safe from these external influences.


Using the right temperature water is important to making a good cup of tea, and contrary to what many people believe, boiling water is not recommended for each and every variation.

In fact, there are a number of teas which need to be prepared at a different range of temperature and this handy guide will help you steep for just the right amount of time.

Before adding boiling water from the kettle, we recommend pouring some cool water into your teapot. The amount will depend on which tea you are going to brew, and may take some practice to judge how much you will need to get the best result.

Alternatively, you can wait for your boiled water to cool down to the desired temperature. This can take some time, especially if you are using an insulated kettle. To speed this up, pour the water into your teapot and let it breathe before you add your tea leaves.

You can also consider observing the bubbles and steam from the kettle as the water is heating and turning it off before it reaches a boil. A temperature controlled kettle can be another easy and effective option to get the water just right for your brew.

To Whiten Or Not To Whiten

When it comes to adding milk, green, white, oolong and herbal teas are generally best enjoyed without. It’s best to leave it at black teas, however it’s ultimately up to your individual taste. Too much milk can mask some of the more subtle, delicate flavours of tea, but can be a great addition to some stronger types.

Drink Responsibly

We consider the herbs used in various teas to be a delightful gift from nature, however, it’s important to remember the potency of some of these herbs can have side effects. If you are unsure whether any Allegra & Grace product range is right for you, we recommend consulting with a trusted medical professional – especially if you have a health condition, are pregnant or breastfeeding.


At Allegra & Grace, we believe that tea is more than an art, it’s a lifestyle. Tea is meant to be enjoyed, so please don’t forget that this is your cup of tea, and how you like it brewed is entirely up to you. Creating your own ritual is all part of the fun and experience. Let our selection of teas take you on a sensory adventure.

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