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Immerse yourself into a world full of new experiences and uncover an array of relaxing tea rituals designed to nourish your soul with Allegra & Grace.

Based in the heart of Melbourne, Allegra & Grace unites beautiful Australian tea brands and encourages everyone to enjoy the sensory pleasures that come from the simple act of savouring that perfect cup of tea.

At Allegra & Grace, tea is so much more than a warm beverage. Tea is an opportunity to press pause on the day and take a mindful moment out from the many responsibilities of the daily grind. There is something truly special about taking a moment out of your day to practise self-care and make yourself a cup of tea. Breathe it in and enjoy the warmth of your favourite tea cup resting in your hands. From refreshing green tea, rich black tea, enticing white teas and flowery herbal teas,there is something for every tea lover to enjoy.

I have a memorable relationship with the act of drinking tea which began from an early age. Growing up, tea was an important tradition in my life. From special moments sharing a pot of tea with my mother to hosting tea parties with my friends from the neighbourhood. I also enjoyed experimenting with my own homemade tea recipes using fresh lemons and herbs from my backyard garden.

My passion for tea grew steadily, and today, I love nothing more than to inspire others to capture the subtle art of tea drinking and create a community in which people can connect over a shared love for tea. 

Allegra & Grace represents how I feel during my tea drinking experiences and how I wish you to feel when unlocking this little luxury. In Italian, ‘Allegra’ is a female given name of Italian origin meaning “joyful”. The name ‘Grace’ is derived from a noun that represents the elegance and relaxing sensation that tea offers. Together, Allegra & Grace exists to bring you a carefully curated range of the finest quality teas, as well as an eclectic mix of tea accessories to help you personalise your very own tea drinking ritual.

Learn how to create your very own relaxing tea ritual on the Allegra & Grace blog or shop the full range of Allegra & Grace products now. 


Julia Torkos

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